Enhanced Online Slots Option Now Available

May 3, 2017

If you are any sort of fan of online slot machine game action you will want to pay close attention to what follows. You see, there is a new innovative online slots feature that has only recently made its appearance. This new slot feature, which is named the Achievement Engine is specifically engineered to enhance the online gaming experience of slots players.

Note that this new feature will be showing up on the online slots from Quickspin. As you probably know, Quickspin is an innovative online casino software company recently acquired by Playtech. That means that Quickspin now has the considerable resources of Playtech to bring their unique casino software designs to the online casino world.

Back to the new enhancement, the Achievements Engine. Here is how this enhancement works in practice. During their gameplay, online slots player can and do receive special tokens. Note that these tokens are not just handed out. No indeed, these tokens must be earned by completing specially crafted events that show up during the online slot game play. For example, if the online slots player happens to use wild symbols to form a winning payline, that is the type of event that would earn one of these tokens.

Note that the Achievements Engine is setup with four levels. The presence of no less than four levels means that the slots players can choose to save up their tokens for later rewards. In addition, note that when there are enough tokens banked, the slot bonus feature is triggered.

As you might well expect, the most common reward claimed is the Free Spins option. That being said, keep in mind that Quickspin also offers Re-Spins and even bonus rounds as token reward options. There’s more. Understanding that online casino players prefer to have a sense of how their gameplay is progressing, Quickspin provides in-play progress tracking. This tracking is on a separate page that is continually updated and is accessed by a quick click over to that page.

Speaking out about this new enhancement, Quickspin CEO Daniel Lindberg took the time to point out that providing the most engaging casino player possible is the focus at Quickspin. Now that Quickspin has the resources of Playtech available, you can expect to see more such enhancements in the near future.

For the record, the first online slot to offer this Achievements Engine feature is the slot named Sakura Fortune. Look for it in your favorite online casino soon.

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