How Does CA$1,000 Free Sound?

December 2, 2015

If you are like most online casino players, that sort of headline would at least prompt you to find out what that is all about. Following is what you need to know to claim your CA$1,000. First of all, you have most likely already figured out this is some sort of online casino promotion.

Yes, that is exactly true. It is happening over at Betway Online Casino. You see, that CA$1,000 is an enticement offered to any and all new online casino players that show up to try out Betway Online Casino. But before you even head over there you might want to pay attention to a very interesting statistic. It turns out that Betway Online Casino proudly boasts of a startlingly high payout ratio. As in 98.2%. That statistic in and of itself is one clue for you about all of the good things going on over at Betway Online Casino.

When you first show up at Betway Online Casino, one thing you will notice right away is the professional design and attention to detail with both the Betway Online Casino itself as well as the online casino games. In large part this can be credited to the deliberate choice to go with Microgaming Software. If you have been in and around the online casino world for any bit of time at all you have seen Microgaming Software at some of the best online gambling sites to be found around the world.

Speaking of the games here at Betway Online Casino. You will find quite the selection from which to choose. At last count, there was a little bit more than 400 online casino games. Obviously, with more than 400 online casino games from which to choose you already know this means there is a good variety to the types of online casino games. Interestingly, one feature that you might not have considered is that this large inventory of online casino games means that there is something here for players of all levels. From novice to seasoned pro, the variety of online casino games at Betway Online Casino means all sorts of online casino players are welcomed.

One additional feature you are most certain to appreciate is that in addition to the very generous welcome bonus (that CA$1,000), Betway Online Casino offers up a number of weekly and monthly promotions. All things considered, Betway Online Casino is an online gambling site you will want to become familiar with.

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