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December 30, 2015

There is a clever new online slot that you may well want to take the time to check out for yourself. This new online slot machine game is called Lucky 6. By the way, the name of this online slot machine game itself might very well be your first clue as to the sort of online slot action you can expect.

First, understand that Lucky 6 is a product of RealTime Gaming or RTG. As you are undoubtedly well aware, the team at Realtime Gaming is behind some of the best online casino games to be found anywhere around the world. By now you may well be wondering what sort of theme is it that Lucky 6 sports? As befitting the name of this online slot, the theme is that of a Irish themed video slot.

What that means for you online casino gameplay is the following: you will find that the symbols, the graphics and the animations are all Irish related. For example, don’t be shocked when you spot symbols such as the lucky pot of gold, the leprechaun, a wishing well, four leaf clovers and such.

So that takes care of the theme and the types of symbols you will encounter with this online slot machine game. What about the gameplay? Start with the fact that Lucky6 uses the rainbow symbol as a wild. When the wild shows up in a stacked position in rows 2, 3,4, and 5. There’s more: the wild symbol also has the unmatched power to effectively double your payouts when substituting in winning combinations.

You may also find it interesting that Luck 6 has no less than 10 paylines from which to win. Check out this unusual online casino gameplay with respect to the paylines. You see, paylines from 1 to 5 payout from left to right. At the same time, paylines from 6 to 10 payout form the right to the left. Since the paylines run in both directions you could think of it as more like 5 paylines in two different directions. Note that the scatter symbol consists of the letters of the word LUCKY. Scatter payouts are triggered when at least three symbols show up anywhere along the reels.

What you might have already figured out at this point is that Lucky 6 is an interesting online slot that is worth a closer look. Stop by Lucky 6 to see why.

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