What About Tribal Online Casino Action?

December 9, 2015

At a time when by all appearances online casinos are increasingly popular all over the world, one has to wonder when news appears that an online casino was forced to shut down, to close up shop and take down the site. What is going on with online casinos in Canada?

Here is what is going on. You may have seen something or the other about the online gambling site NorthernBearCasino.com recently. This is the online casino that was forced to suspend operations. This is even more interesting when you learn that NorthernBearCasino.com was only just launched back in 2012. In other words, NorthernBearCasino.com did not even last a full three years.

What is going on here? If you listen to the Chief, the main culprit is competition. Moreover the Chief is quick to point out that one of the biggest competitors to NorthernBearCasino.com is the government itself. A secondary culprit and perhaps the most important of all no matter what the Cheif says is the lack of funding to promote NorthernBearCasino.com. It is reported that the Bernie Shepard, the CEO of the White Bear First Nation was actively searching for funding sources to promote NorthernBearCasino.com.

Which brings up a point not too often discussed out in the open. You see, online casino sites such as NorthernBearCasino.com may never prove viable if their biggest competitor is the local government. Never mind the fact that the government has much deeper pockets to promote the site, consider the issue of credibility and trust. Citizens and residents are most likely more trusting of government run online casino sites than new online casinos such as NorthernBearCasino.com. To put this another way, most any enterprise faces an uphill battle trying to win out over government controlled monopolies.

So does that signal the end of tribal online casino action for now? Not at all. As a matter of fact, the shutdown of NorthernBearCasino.com may in fact prove to be the unifying force needed to make online casinos successful. You can already see early evidence of this new motivation with an entirely new tribal online gambling organization. This new tribal group, the Indigenous Peoples Gaming Confederacy was created only just recently. The Indigenous Peoples Gaming Confederacy includes the Kahnawake Mohawks and the Peguis First Nation. Naturally the hope and the expectation that by banding together, tribal online casinos can be successful with online gambling sites.

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